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Winter Wonderland in London

Enjoy the magic of Christmas in London. London offers many tourist attractions all year, however, these attractions turn into something magical in December. Stunning Christmas lights in Regents Street is a well-known tourist attraction this time of year. Winter Wonderland … Continue reading

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Set against the Austin, Texas, Music Scene, Two Entangled Couples

Song To Song….. Welcome back to Malickland, the perma-twilight world where Hollywood’s most beautiful wander around fields/beaches/city underpasses while their disconnected musings whisper on the soundtrack. Terrence Malick’s eighth drama doesn’t deviate a lot from his normal MO. Thematically, it is perhaps … Continue reading

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Vibrant Arab Market Places

What is a Souk and Where Did it Originate? A souq was originally an open-air marketplace. Historically, souqs were held outside cities at locations where incoming caravans stopped and merchants displayed their goods for sale. Souqs were formed whenever a caravan … Continue reading

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